Grown and Sexy   Cupcakes

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Bourbon Bacon

This salty and sweet deliciousness is a manly combination that's not just for men!  Bourbon and bacon...the only thing missing is your cigar!


This is your own little version of sex in the city in a cake!  Sweet cake infused with Vodka, Cranberries and Triple Sec

Strawberry Margarita

All the mouthwatering taste of a strawberry cupcake infused with margarita.  The only thing missing from this beauty is the beach.


A relaxed buzz, Kahlua, Coffee, and Chocolate topped with Bailey's Irish Cream icing.


Summer wrapped in a cupcake!  Rum, fresh Mint, and Lime make up this refreshing delight!

White Russian

вкусно (fkoos-na) which means "It is delicious!" in Russian.  Vodka, Milk and Kahlua make up this baked version of an old favorite!

Creamy Butter Rum

What else needs to be said about this flavorful masterpiece.  If you like butter and you like rum, you are in for a treat!

Old Fashioned

Some folks like the robust flavor of a Bourbon Wiskey mixed drink.  You'll definitely find delight in this perfect blend of bourbon, bitters, orange, marachino cherrys, and sugar!